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The advent of the ATM has definitely pushed the fast forward button and made our lives more convenient. The flexibility of withdrawing money at any time from any location through these miniature banking structures has benefited customers and also added to banks' coffers by bringing down the cost of hiring additional workers.

An Easy Way to Satiate Greed

The easy accessibility of these money vending machines has provided ample opportunities to criminals using devious plans to lay their hands on someone else's money. Since ATMs are operational 24 hours a day, they make an easy target for criminals to attack customers, especially late at night. Customers are helpless and unable to resist their attackers. ATMs are being used as weapons by these criminals to fill their pockets illegally. Through the use of card reading devices that can be integrated into the machines, they are able to collect customers' information from the magnetic strips.

Seizing Their Ground

To stop this and other criminal activity, banks need to install network cameras. The network camera is an IP, or Internet Protocol, camera that allows remote accessibility of the network from any location. These network cameras are high definition technological equipment that are ablet to capture each and every movement in the vicinity. Banks cannot afford to take risks by jeopardizing their customers.

The network camerais a very effective surveillance camera that can easily be mounted on walls and ceilings. This camera has a built-in IP address and software that handles all the control and communication features. Many of these vicious incidents could be stopped before they are started with the help of network IP cameras.

Fight Tooth and Nail for Your Investments

No suspicious behavior can go unnoticed under the supervision of the internet camera with its wide angle and focusing variability advantage. Its auto iris lens offers a wide view of an area. The picture quality is superb, which means culprits can be identified easily. The internet camera has a motion detection system that can monitor and highlight any unusual activities.

The network camera allows the viewing, recording and reporting of activities in real-time to prevent thieves from committing felonies and escaping unnoticed. The surveillance camera captures each and every movement, so using card reading devices to steal information or hiding cameras to steal bank details is impossible with the network camera's lens always focused on the setting. The network camera is one of the best pieces of equipment for helping authorities maintain a constant vigil and prevent any accidents.

The ATM has become an easy source of money for criminals. Offenders get away easily because of insufficient evidence. The footage that can be provided by IP cameras can lead to the recognition of perpetrators and their deserved punishments. Using network cameras can help banks take a positive step towards customer welfare and security. The internet cameracan definitely help to curb the misuse of ATMs and maintain a peaceful sanctum for the righteous.

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The ATM Spies

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This article was published on 2010/10/14