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Abstract: OfficeTen product is an embedded, integrated multi-functional, comprehensive integration of intelligent

Access equipment Its advanced All-In-One design concept, software and hardware technologies together to provide a set of small and medium voice, data, security, application integration solutions.

1, the network status: Data network: access throughout the office via ADSL Internet, built on the Internet, broadband network with headquarters in exchange.

Voice network: small-scale deployment based PBX, also owns part of the PSTN phone line, office PSTN phone lines directly.

Issues: Need to be kept informed of the headquarters office operation to do, bearing in need of major decisions or routine needs such as staff debriefing meetings held frequently. Existing data and voice are the two independent networks, voice communication between headquarters and offices in high cost; not achieve multi-functional internal telephone conference, a meeting of the staff to travel to the headquarters of the high travel costs are not small, while consuming a lot of time and effort.

1, network status and problems of

Figure 1: Data network topology Figure 2: Voice network topology II solution For the status and problems of small business network, to retain businesses in the full context of existing network resources, network technology provided by the optimal allocation of OfficeTen + IPPhone comprehensive

VoIP Solution. Program description: Corporate headquarters in the deployment of a OfficeTen, use OfficeTen achieve soft switching function within the enterprise IP network to distribute telephone numbers, IPPhone registration management and broadband network access, and can realize both an outside line number based extension functions. OfficeTen access through multi-port FXO PSTN network, through the Ethernet port access to Internet, voice and data integrated access; internal Ethernet port to connect through the internal Router and Switch, through analog FXS port access or through the Ethernet port connected PSTNPhone into the IP Phone.

After the deployment of ADSL in the office IP Phone, so IPPhone both IP extension and PSTN phone line features, while the LAN port using IPPhone PC high-speed Internet access without additional equipment. IPPhone the WAN port to connect to the Ethernet port ADSLModem, WAN port using the public network IP; IPPhone's LAN port to connect PC, PC to use private network IP, IP Phone WAN port through the NAT to do to achieve access to the Internet; IP Phone to PSTN port connection to the PSTN network, to achieve the original PSTN number of access and retention.

OfficeTen Product Description: OfficeTen product is an embedded and integrated, multi-function, the integration of intelligent integrated access devices, the use of advanced All-In-One design concept, the software and hardware combination technology for SMEs provides a set of voice, data, security, application integration solutions. OfficeTen set Router, Switch, Firewall / VPN, IDSIPS, PBX, IP PBX, VoIP Gateway, Email Server, Web Server, PrintServer, File / FTP Server, IMServer and other functions into one, providing a rich voice and data interface, and practical information for SMEs to consider building and networking applications features, plug and play, easy management, simple maintenance, low cost, high cost and so on.

OfficeTen 3800-V products and interface parameters:

Three business description Through this solution, enterprises can obtain the following business applications:

Coverage levels through the Internet to establish offices in the IP telephone network, the internal

Communicate "Zero-Hua Fei"; Conference call to provide multi-function, to achieve levels of IP offices held in the conference call via the Internet;

Can be realized within the enterprise IM, use OfficeTen provide intelligent user soft terminal OfficeTenOTex, easy voice, text, files, information, real-time delivery;

Provide soft phone functionality, OfficeTenOTex integrated soft-phone features more in keeping with the traveling time within the enterprise voice communications;

Provide soft switchboard function, soft switchboard through OfficeTen powerful functions to implement the extension phones within the enterprise easier and more intuitive management, OfficeTen soft PBX is simple, easy to understand, and to establish a real-time call control and display management function. The user can observe when other employees in answering phones, and who they are talking on the phone, the phone is inside, outside, or busy.

Available Voice mail-Email function, users do not realize when the next plane or

Mobile Shutdown, not service area or inconvenient to answer the phone, "voice mail" telephone recording will be the same as the other side of the message stored and automatically sent to the user's mailbox. Users can log-mail, at any time to listen.

Available on the 1st through (FellowMe) function on the 1st through to provide users with the only the external number, you can use this number as the next permanent change in the number of external communication. Existing users

PHS , Fixed telephone , Mobile Number can establish contact with the number, regardless of how the use of the actual phone number changes, others as long as that user's "One" number.

The program, the full protection of the existing network investments and the existing number of resources to invest in rare cases, to achieve the corporate network transition to VoIP networks, and on this basis provides a wealth of optional services, greatly increased the efficiency of internal communication, easily have a free multi-party conference call capabilities, improve production efficiency at the same time, the company saves a lot of travel.

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Officeten enterprise voip application solutions figure -voip adsl telephone conference

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