Importance of Port Monitoring

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In today’s modern and emerging IT infrastructure, network monitoring is very essential. Frequently it happens to meet some crucial and bad consequences because of failure of devices in the network, local computers, servers, switches, network printers etc. In such cases it is very important to resume the network back to its functioning by setting everything in-order. Monitoring service should exist in network as well as local system 24/7 in order to function without any problems.


An efficient monitoring system should have the features like knowing in which device the failure occurred, when the server has gone down etc. The admin should be intimated immediately about the issue so as to receive the faster response. Usually the network monitoring is done through ICMP ping, TCP port monitoring, the ARP, SNMP, DNS, FTP, and HTTP protocol monitoring.


Through port monitoring we will able to create the checks of the different types to monitor all aspects of the web-server. Sometime when a game, mp3 file or some applications are being uploaded to the net there is a risk of malicious virus attack. Even in such cases the network monitoring services works by warning about the data. In this, case administrator monitors all opened TCP ports and checks and ascertain about the port through which the virus has entered.


Monitoring for files can also be done. Sometimes log files get occupied in the disks which might erase the hard disk files. In such cases the file size monitoring allows you to control the specified file or folder size. You will be warned if the file size reaches the specified volume. The free space on your disks can also be monitored. Tools for scanning the network and checking out about any new device which is attached can also be done. In addition to this, the generation of various types of inventory reports which shall be required by the users so that they can know about their inventory position.


Businesses statistics to evaluate down time or uptime is also possible by Network monitoring. The statistics can help network administrators analyze issues on the network to better prepare for further best outcomes. Some business and banking sectors would solely rely on network availability for its business. In such cases these statistics can give a percentage of up time versus down time to evaluate profit and loss. When there is a network monitoring solution implemented strategically business can certainly have a positive impact.


On discussion about website monitoring types, it can be subdivided into two subcategories - Server Monitoring and Website Monitoring. Web servers are the driving force behind your website. However, in spite all the effort to the contrary, these devices are highly vulnerable to breakdown and crashes. Constant checking is required while monitoring their functioning. This task is known as server monitoring. Website Monitoring does to websites is similar to server monitoring. Server monitoring is for servers and website onitor is for the url of the site.This monitoring service is carried out on a per URL basis

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Importance of Port Monitoring

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This article was published on 2011/04/20