How to Connect With Available Wireless Network

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Wireless Network
Wireless is a computer network which is not connected by using cables or wire. Wireless Network is a method of connecting home, enterprise, telecommunication by avoiding the use of expensive installation of wires as a connection between various computers and equipment to create network. Wireless Network works wirelessly that mean it does not required any kind of wire for the transmission of its signals, it transmits its signals through air that’s the reason why it is termed as Wireless Network. Wireless telecommunications networks and other networks are general transmits its signals using radio waves. There are different types of Wireless Network such as Wireless PAN (personal area network), Wireless LAN (local area network), Wireless WAN (wide area network), Wireless MAN (metropolitan area network), Wireless mesh network etc. Even the mobile device network is also a type of wireless network which uses mobile signal to connect with different users. While using computers sometimes we find it difficult to get connections even at the presence of Wireless Network.
Steps to connect with available Wireless Network
Move your mouse and click on the start menu, then go for the control panel.
Step 2
When control panel window appears, it has number of icons, just navigate through it and double click on the Network Connections.
Step 3
Now Network Connections window appears in front of you. Right click on the desire Wireless Network Connection with which you want to get connected by identifying correct name of wireless network adapter and click on the view available wireless network.
Step 4
A new window appears with the list of available network. Select the desire wireless network with which you want to get connected, then click on connect option which is at the bottom right corner at the present window.
Step 5
If the network is a public wireless network or corporate network, they might ask you to download additional files that will allow your computer to connect to the desire network.
Step 6
If the desire or selected network is security enabled, then one of the following might occur while getting connection.
- If the network provide its network key automatically or system administrator (that mean network supports IEEE 802.1x), your system will automatically get to the desire network.
- If the network does not provide the key automatically, then you have to type in the key. If you do not have the key, then check with wireless router administrator or log in to wireless router management page to get the key.
Step 7
If above procedure is followed correctly your computer will get connected to the desired or selected Wireless Network with which you want to get

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How to Connect With Available Wireless Network

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How to Connect With Available Wireless Network

This article was published on 2012/02/10