Gsm Network Expansion Equipment, Expansion Of Business Experts Interpret Problem

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GSM expansion with legacy systems, and full benefits with the old, how to meet the traffic, new subscribers and other indicators? Given that China Mobile satisfactory answer, is one of many equipment suppliers have to face problems.

  TD-SCDMA Construction is in full swing to begin, the industry has a large mass of China Mobile GSM Jicai news of a single dust has settled. 100 Namibia Telecom Consulting said the development of China Mobile for GSM positioning clear that the expansion of 2G to 3G services as a reserve.

It is reported that China Mobile GSM master last Jicai full range of products, this year on the GSM network construction investment amounted to 35.8 billion. Ericsson China, Wang Yihui Products Division, said an expert system program, according to China Mobile in the first half of the information provided to Ericsson in 2007, China Mobile GSM tender is divided into four phases, expected to total 700,000 this year Jicai carrier frequency, but according to the current situation is expected to be larger than the scale may more than 800,000 carrier frequency. China Mobile's GSM service and ancillary equipment purchases boosted, that the world's largest network operators G full confidence in the 2G network.

The one hand, China Mobile will EDGE (2.75G) the construction, completion of the upgrading the current network data services; the other hand, GSM network expansion construction is being launched nationwide. Wang Yihui said: "The current network expansion is characterized by G 'volume expansion'. For example, over the past six or seven years, the expansion of the scale of the provincial GSM has grown from thousands to tens of thousands of orders of magnitude the development of the carrier frequency."

Opportunities for domestic manufacturers "Err Sang Yu, Dong-won corner", that had defeated after the TD-SCDMA bidding, Huawei became the bidding of China Mobile Group, the biggest dark horse purchases, respectively, 37.1% share of the core network and access network 23.6 % share among the crown, runner-up.

Interview Huawei GSM network planning optimization in the field of technical experts. He told reporters, 2007 Huawei GSM expansion with China Mobile, the largest cooperation project in Chengdu and Dongguan, scheduled to begin in June in several of the existing GSM network equipment to complete the replacement and expansion, in order to achieve network capacity and service quality if improvements and enhancements. The current project has begun, the entire project is expected to be completed by the end of October.

Gold International believes that domestic manufacturers will gradually get a controlling voice in mobile devices. From 2006 to the current bidding situation, the domestic manufacturers in the field of mobile device market share has increased substantially. Last year, Huawei and ZTE in China Mobile GSM network equipment in the market share of around 10% market share in both the bidding has reached 33%. The tender is expected in the second half of this year, domestic manufacturers will further enhance market share, it is possible in 2008 or 2009 to obtain about half of the market.

Current GSM users and the surge of traffic in GSM expansion to become a trend. Chengdu, for example, Huawei Technologies experts predict that telephone traffic in 2007 than in 2005 more than doubled. 100 Namibia Telecom Consulting Senior Consultant Kongxian Peng said: "In addition to the steady increase in telephone traffic, users seamless coverage requirements, operators of the competition, including the reduction in service charges, are the reasons for GSM expansion."

Expansion still problem Although the G network operators has been more than ten years, mature technology and successful mode of operation that often inaccessible to other emerging technologies, but China Mobile's GSM expansion remains an urgent need to solve the problem.

High telephone traffic in case of traffic congestion is a very difficult issue. Wang Yihui, said: "how to coordinate the radio channel resources and network traffic load the conflict between the four aspects should be considered."

His view, early network planning is the most important. Forecast growth in the local user, the scope of business development, network expansion capacity of the premise, Planning and Design Institute of operators should consider how the rational design of planning systems. On this basis, GSM equipment for expansion of quality and performance is also important. This relates to the existence of hot spots in many areas demand for seamless coverage, such as the subway, building professional coverage. In addition to the reliability of hardware and software, the engineering optimization is the manufacturers need to address the important issue of how to telephone traffic in accordance with a rational allocation of resources. Finally, GSM has been in development since the rise, now meet the needs of richer functionality, the effective realization of these new features have an impact on network load.

Alcatel-Lucent wireless network planning engineers, Song Yi Hui also think that GSM network expansion planning is essential before. He said: "Early in the production program, Alcatel-Lucent will be for the operator's network to do comprehensive assessments, including the load of the bottleneck network element resources, net interference level, urban and suburban coverage, customer satisfaction conditions (of the complaint ), available frequency resources analysis and network analysis of KPI targets and other factors.
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Gsm Network Expansion Equipment, Expansion Of Business Experts Interpret Problem

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Gsm Network Expansion Equipment, Expansion Of Business Experts Interpret Problem

This article was published on 2010/09/13